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Entered 11:10 PM by Brian

Saunder's Springs

Jodi and I took Elizabeth & the dogs to a park (Saunder's Springs) in Radcliff today. It was painfully obvious how out of shape we were, but we had fun. It was a beautiful day and the park was surrounded by tall shade trees which Elizabeth always seemed to be looking up at. The hiking trails weren't very long, but were narrow and steep. Elizabeth eventually fell asleep while we were walking, but stayed awake longer than we expected. After today's little expedition, I think everyone will be sleeping well tonight.


Entered 9:10 PM by Brian

The Vomit Comet & the Incident

Almost got blasted again this morning with projectile vomiting. Fortunately my cat-like instincts kicked in and the damage was limited. Not only did I manage to contain the noxious liquid onto a handy burp pad but also limited my own exposure. Just a few drips! Whew!

When I picked up Elizabeth from day care I had to fill out an incident report since another infant had scratched the back of her head. Nothing to worry about folks, Elizabeth is pretty tough and the scratches weren't very significant.


Entered 9:10 PM by Brian

Look: No Hands!

Sometimes when I feed Elizabeth with the bottle she will grip the bottle. So today I decided to try an experiment. I would let go with my hand to see if she could hold it by herself.

It was a great success! I couldn't believe it. I gave her a breather and decided to film the event, since Jodi is very skeptical of things without hard evidence. I set up a tripod and rigged up the camera and got into position. Elizabeth had a hard time of duplicating her earlier efforts, but she eventually managed it and I got it all on video!

I'm afraid most of you won't be able to handle video (it's too big)! So here's the screenshot.


Entered 12:10 PM by Brian

Weekend Farm Trip

Jodi and I took Elizabeth & the dogs to her parents for the weekend. We had a Halloween party on Saturday. Elizabeth was a big hit, she hardly slept because she was so interested in what was going on.

Sunday when we laid her down on the playmat she started talking to herself in the mirror. She really seems to enjoy looking at herself. She was also very well behaved in church. She let out several little gurgles but that was it.

She's a good little baby!


Entered 7:05 AM by Brian

Lessons Learned

The first clue was an empty diaper.

This doesn't happen often anymore. Especially after a good sleep. Well, I thought, let me take her off her onesie, it's time for a change.

So now we had a Totally Naked™ Baby. I stood her up on the changing table and noticed her bottom was wet.

"Elizabeth, did you just go pee?"

I was answered with a smile. Hmmmm...

Her changing table was wet, I couldn't lay her back down. I picked her up.

My mind screamed: "MISTAKE! She has no diaper and your holding a loaded baby! Put her down! Put her down now!"

While I decided my next course of action it suddenly got very warm in the room and it wasn't the central heating! The reflexes that served well during the Technicolor Yawn™ (a.k.a. the Vomit Comet) sprung into action, but it was too little too late.

The front of my shirt was soaked...


I was greeted only with more smiles.


Entered 5:25 PM by Brian

Doctor's Visit

Weight: 13 lbs. 3 oz.; Length: 23.75 in. She got five vaccines in three shots, but she's a real trooper folks. She didn't cry long. Looks like we'll start cereal soon. After that it's fruit and veggies from a jar. Whooee!


Entered 7:23 PM by Brian

Good Grief

Since Elizabeth got shots yesterday she needed two doses of Children's Tylenol at Daycare. Unbeknownst to me, I had to have a Doctor's note for the Daycare personnel to do this. So when I got to work I called the Pediatricians office to see if they might be able to fax the necessary documentation to the Daycare center.

Actual Telephone Transcript:

Me: My child was in yesterday to get some vaccinations and I need a doctors note so that my daycare provider can give her some Tylenol. Can I get you to fax this?

Them: No.

Me: So does that mean you can't get me a note or that you won't fax it?

Them: I'm pretty sure we won't be able to fax it.

Me: So when would I be able to pick up this note. I need to give my child a dose at 10 a.m.?

Them: Probably after lunch.

Me: I'll just give her the dose myself! Thanks for your time. (phone slams)


Entered 10:42 PM by Brian

Bernheim Forest, Babies R' Us, the Trip Down Under and Rice Cereal

We rounded up my parents, the baby and the wife, piled into the van and headed north. Destination? The Bernheim Forest. It was a surprisingly short drive and the weather was beautiful. The forest is definitely worth seeing with Autumn foilage. (Hope to have pictures of this adventure soon). Elizabeth seemed to enjoy being outdoors and stayed awake for most of the time there.

After several hours wandering around the Bernheim, we headed further north to visit Babies R Us. We intended to purchase another Exersaucer-like contraption for Elizabeth.

Why do we need another Exersaucer? Heck, I don't know! I also looked at the baby backpacks and my goodness they're expensive! We've come a long way since the little two pieces of aluminum and nylon sack my parents toted me around in!

Seeing as how we can NEVER decide on anything we left the store empty-handed. Can you believe it?!

But all was not lost! Outback Steakhouse, our favorite eatery sat only a few footsteps away. Luckily we got in before the dinner crowd. Mmmm...ribs.

Almost forgot! Elizabeth had her first taste of rice cereal tonight. Not sure she completely grasped the concept of eating from a spoon. She did better as we went along, but most of it ended up around her mouth or on her bib. She did look cute though!

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Entered 10:42 PM by Brian

Everything Takes Longer Now

A coworker asked me how things were going with the baby. Well I thought, everything seems to be taking more time. You have to invest more time to get Elizabeth through the day, which makes getting other things done quite difficult.

Changing the diaper takes longer now since she squirms around a lot. She also does this thing with her arms. She extends them straight out, like a cross, and then quickly hits her stomach. Ouch. Doesn't that hurt Elizabeth? She thinks it's funny.

Getting her to sleep takes longer now. I'm not sure why. I know she's tired. She knows she's tired. But for some reason she wants to delay the inevitable.

She stays awake longer now, which means dinner is served a little later and favorite TV shows aren't watched in their entirety.

It seems to me, I told my coworker, that as soon as I come up with a routine, it doesn't last for very long.


Entered 7:30 AM by Brian

The Wipe Scale

The Reichter Scale is used to determine the strength of earthquakes. Lately I have been guessing the number of wipes I think it will take to clean Elizabeth after a dirty messy diaper to determine the magnitude of the situation. You follow?

Yesterday we had a 6 wiper! Or I should say I had a 6 wiper. Once Jodi discovered the volume, consistency and color of umm... the poo, she waited for me to handle this one.

Folks, all that stuff you see on America's Funniest Home Videos with Father wretching while changing baby diapers is ridiculous. I have not experienced any nausea during these operations. But since we really haven't started solid food yet maybe I shouldn't count out getting a gas mask. Hmmm...

Jodi had the nerve to say: "Make sure you wash your hands!"


Entered 7:30 AM by Brian

The Great Hair Disaster or The Quick Trim (Depends on which side you're on)

I got another hair cut (from Jodi) and it seems to take Elizabeth a minute or two to warm up to me when I pick her up from day care. Almost as if she doesn't recognize me. Maybe that's because I don't have any hair! I finally got my summer "do" a few months too late.

Anyway, Elizabeth is pretty perky. She talks up a storm, waves her arms about and is generally in a good mood. This makes feeding rather difficult. Speaking of feeding, she wants to eat, but she makes a face every time she actually takes a bite. They say rice cereal doesn't have much taste. A coworker suggested adding apple juice to sweeten it up, but Jodi vetoed this saying she would never eat vegetables then. So next week we transition to oatmeal and then vegetable jars. Whooee!


Entered 7:00 PM by Brian

Coworkers & Your New Baby

At work, my coworkers usually fall into two camps when discussing Elizabeth.

Those that care and those that don't.

Those that don't care usually start off the conversation with "So how's the baby?" or "Is she sleeping through the night yet?" Without waiting for a response this is followed by the quick transition to what's really on their mind. "So anyway, about the Penske file..."

Those that care actually listen, ask intelligent questions or offer advice if they have children themselves. What's funny is how engrossed I can become in the nuances of bottle feeding or the absorbency of a particular brand of diapers.

Yes, I am comfortable discussing baby things as easily as if I was chatting about a great fishing spot or whether the Patriots will get to the Super Bowl. Guess that's just part of being a daddy. <sigh> I just wish daddy had an Impala instead of mini van.


Entered 6:23 PM by Brian

Sleeping is Hard to Do

John Locke masterfully swaddles AaronSwaddling doesn't work forever folks. John Lock had it wrong last night on Lost.

Swaddling worked right after Elizabeth was born and then for a while it didn't. Then it worked again. Now it doesn't. Again.

I know she's tired. She knows she's tired. But she wants to fight it...

Currently, we have a complicated routine that involves:

  • Breast or bottle feeding
  • Bowl of rice cereal (this has helped lengthen the amount of time she stays asleep)
  • Diaper change
  • Sleep sack (doesn't bind her arms, but does limit her leg movement)
  • Walk around the house for 30-45 until she falls asleep
  • Begin trying to shift her around slowly so that setting her in the crib is not so jarring
  • Lay her down in the crib (this is the critical moment, mess this up and it's back to walking around)
  • Make sure various technological marvels like humidiers and baby monitors are operating and then depart the nursery quietly

Recently, I've found that laying her, stomach down, on our bed (temporarily) helps knock her out quickly, avoiding the walking part. Then I carefully transfer her to the crib. She's like to sleep on her side, just like her daddy.

At least for now...until it changes.

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Entered 3:23 PM by Brian

Happy New Year

Another year come and gone.

Undoubtedly, the biggest news in 2005 for us is that we're parents now. We have a beautiful little girl that has changed our lives. We have new priorities and new desires.

I am looking forward to 2006. I can't wait to experience Elizabeth crawling/walking and saying her first word (Please be Daddy!).

I hope your new year is just as exciting.